My on-going experience with the Digital Deepak Paid Internship Program

Hi there,

I am Ushma Shah and I am an intern from Batch 4 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program. Would you like to know about a Paid Internship Program? A program which pays you back all the money you pay as fees. In this internship program, you will learn about the basics of Digital Marketing and also earn back every penny you invest and even get a chance to earn a little more. I would like to share my on-going experience cum review of the Digital Deepak Paid Internship Program. I will share :

1.What to expect from the Internship Program?

2.Why should one learn Digital Marketing?

3. The structure of the Internship Program. How you get paid for learning?

4. Guidelines and Rules for a smooth experience.

5. How I have personally benefitted from this program?

6. What’s next in store for me or anyone after the Internship Program?

7. Digital Marketing Club (DMC) Membership

Bonus Share – My handpicked articles on various topics written by my awesome batchmates.

Let me start by telling you about Digital Deepak. His real name is Deepak Kanakaraju and he blogs about Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Copywriting and provides Training in Digital Marketing. is now ranked as one of the top 10 Marketing Blogs and Mentor in the field of Digital Marketing.

I would like to give a hands-on review regarding the Digital Deepak Internship Program which I am still doing (in my 10th week of the internship while I wrote this post).

I had randomly signed up for a blogging course on Digital Deepak 3 years back in 2017 and paid Rs.1000/- for it. The emails came in my inbox and I never really did that course which had video lessons. Maybe I was not self-motivated. Throughout I used to receive emails (as I had subscribed to the newsletter) from Digital Deepak.

Since January 2020 I was sincerely looking out for avenues to work from home, something whereby I could use my time constructively and creatively. The news of Coronavirus had already been making the rounds and by March 2020 things took a 360o turn around the globe. The lockdown for 3 months took a toll on the income and emotional levels worldwide. The Internet had been a savior for a reader, dancer, reiki healer, and mother like me. Spending time online proved to be a game-changer for me especially in this lockdown.

I was using all my spare time being on the internet to look out for something worthwhile to do in the lockdown. In June 2020, I noticed an email from Digital Deepak about an Internship Program in Digital Marketing. I had a vague idea about digital marketing. Out of curiosity, I opened the email and filled up the form, and applied for the internship program. Before I received a response from Digital Deepak I did online research about Deepak Kanakaraju and realized that he had turned into a big brand in the form of and a reputable Mentor in Digital Marketing. He was there everywhere on Twitter, Facebook and I was seeing his ads in my Gmail account. I read reviews, lots of them and most of them positive ones. The negative ones which I read were a few from the prior batches which were nothing that would tell me not to do the course.

I checked individual reviews on Facebook, Twitter, sending private messages to people to cross-check the genuineness of the paid internship program.

After 2-3 days of filling in the basic details, I received an email saying that my application was accepted and I soon registered for a launch webinar. In the webinar, Deepak Sir talked about his vision of the internship program. What appealed to me was that he presented Digital Marketing as a life skill rather than a career skill. Also, he appeared simple and straightforward and did not use polished skills to just sell his course. He said he has been in the field of Digital Marketing for more than 10 years and wants to create 1 million digital marketers. To stand out he designed this paid internship program because he wanted to provide value to the people who bought his courses. He wanted to make sure people learn and actually benefit from his courses. He seemed genuinely interested in knowing what people felt about his courses and where he can improvise and what new can he offer and help people grow in the field of Digital Marketing.

In the launch webinar itself, he said he charges the fees in advance. People who trust him pay up immediately. Like you, I too had this thought in my mind, if Digital Deepak pays back all the money paid as fees, how does he earn? He has many other courses, tools, Ebooks, Digital Marketing Club memberships, Digital Marketing Services to offer which helps him earn a lot. Mentoring is his passion and that’s why this internship program.

I also liked what Deepak Sir said in the webinar, anyone can learn digital marketing, but a good digital marketer is the one who can execute what he/she learns. He believes (which I also now strongly believe) that you do and you will remember everything. Learning alone is not enough.

Even before the launch webinar ended, I was all pumped up to do the course (with homework done before through online research about digital Deepak and what is digital marketing). I somehow trusted him and paid up the fees in advance.

Let me help you understand the internship program in detail.

1. What to expect from the Internship Program?

– To learn about the basics of Digital Marketing, stay motivated by the incentive of gaining something. For example, I paid the course fees and I am getting it back only when I complete the assignments.

– Read the theory, learn from the videos, do the assignments, teach others, and get paid.

2. Why should one learn Digital Marketing?

I believe that in this pandemic learning a new skill will help you ward off emotional negativities and focus on learning something which will open doors for you to create something valuable for yourself to be emotionally and financially free by helping others grow online.

Are you thinking, Digital Marketing will soon become obsolete?

The answer is No.

Marketing and Sales have been around for 100s of years and will stay for 100s of years. The fundamentals of Marketing will always be the same. Every business that sells a product or service needs Marketing and Sales.

Digital Marketing is more about “Marketing” than just “Digital”.

Digital Marketing is not only about giving ads. It is about learning to target correctly and reaching customers by building trust and keeping them for life.

If you are a realtor, retailer, manufacturer, service provider, painter, a mother of 2 like me, a healer, or have any product or service which can give value to others, Digital Marketing will help you spread the word.

Digital Marketing is a life skill rather than a career skill.

Who can do this course? Anyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing.

My batchmates are as young as 14 years and some are even more than 55 years old. There are many students, entrepreneurs, doctors, marketing professionals, singers, musicians, lawyers in my batch.

I am 39, a Reiki healer, homemaker, and mother of 2, and now a Digital Marketing Enthusiast.

3. Structure of the Internship Program. How you get paid for learning?

The program is divided into 16 weeks. The first 12 weeks are core skills and the last 4 weeks are bonus weeks.

Every week a theory video is released by Deepak Sir followed by live interaction with him. An assignment is given every week. There is also an assignment explanation video by Deepak Sir and a separate Q&A session for the same by one of his team members. His team members are also mentors who have been selected from the previous batches. Kamna Jain is one of them. Once you submit the assignment before the deadline, you get your cashback within 8-10 days directly into your bank account. Wrong assignments are given time for re-submission.

Don’t worry; one gets the recordings of all the videos. The course is easily manageable and doable without disturbing your current routine or profession. Of course, personal commitment and little time management skills will help you do your best.

If I can manage, I am sure you or anyone can.

I am sharing the full content plan for the 16 weeks program, which will help you understand the potential of this Internship.

Week1 – Success Mindset

I am so glad that this is the first-week session. It is like setting positive standards for yourself.  Deepak Sir says you always do something which helps create value for others and you will automatically find wealth coming towards you.

It is important to be calm and positive before you start anything new.

Week 2 – Marketing Fundamentals

The second week helps one understand how the fundamentals of traditional marketing upscale the use of digital marketing for any product or service.

Check out an article on beginner’s guide to marketing by my batchmate Barathkumar who is just 14 years old.

Week 3 – Niche, Audience & Keyword Research

Once you are ready to foray into Digital Marketing, it important to choose a niche for yourself. The third-week lesson will guide you in identifying the right niche for yourself, targeting the right customer audience with the help of keyword research.

You will love this article by one of Digital Deepak’s team members Kamna Jain on customer avatar.

Week 4 – Creating Your Blog

In this week, you will learn how to set up a blog, which is your internet presence.
In this assignment, you will work on your blog and will get tips about growing it.

My batch mates have created a pool of blogs on a variety of topics. This blog of mine Digital Connections is a part of the DDIP week 4 assignment (still have to beautify it). My favorite blog is the one on eco-friendly products by Soumya wherein she gives alternatives for plastics. There is an interesting blog on Stock Market Investing by Akshay Vasudevan.

Week 5 – Content Writing and Video Creation

This is an exciting week where you get an opportunity to hone your creative skills by learning “Content Creation” and Video Creation. I learned that writing is not difficult. You do not need fine English grammatical skills to be a great content writer. You will learn to write and be good at it. Being simple also helps in connecting well with your audience. They feel as if you are speaking their language.

To get a better understanding of content writing, also check out this post.

Week 6 – Social Media Marketing

In the week’s lesson and assignment you will learn how to market your content and video. This will help you gain a lot of confidence and start becoming comfortable to market your product or service on Social Media.

Week 7 – Lead Generation

This week will help you learn a very important aspect in Digital Marketing: Finding new leads online for your product or service and how to convert them as a client.

This was very challenging for me. But I could complete it with the help of my family and help from batchmates and Kamna Jain of Team Digital Deepak.

Find out tips (by Kunwaldeep of Batch 4) on initial questions to ask a client before taking a Digital Marketing Project.

Week 8 – Facebook Ads

This is another interesting session where you will learn that with little investment in paid Facebook ads you can drive a lot of traffic from Facebook to your product or service website.

Week 9 – Google Ads

Google Ads is another paid medium that will help you reach a wider audience. This week’s assignment will help you create ad campaigns like video and display campaigns on Google.

Week 10 – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In this week’s video, you will get an insight to optimize your webpage for google ranking.

Week 11 – Marketing Automation

This week will focus on automating your system with the help of various tools and programs in Digital Marketing.

 Week 12 – Sales and Copywriting

This week will pay attention to learning the art of Copywriting to upscale your sales.

Bonus Weeks (Includes 4 sessions)

The additional 4 sessions will cover topics like Affiliate Marketing, Digital Freelancing, getting a job in Digital Marketing, and Digital Mentoring.  One can do assignments of all 4 bonus weeks but will be paid for only one bonus assignment.

By the way, we already have a successful affiliate marketer in batch 4. Check out Sagar Sangam Sahu‘s blog on getting information about affiliate marketing and how to create affiliate membership

And my batchmate Sardar Gurvinder Singh knows about different sources of earning money online. Check it out.

Please note: Cash backs will be given for all the core skills assignments, but a bonus will be given for only one assignment from the 4 bonus week sessions.

4. Guidelines and Rules for a smooth experience.

– Respecting others

– No defamatory posts on any social media platform

– Commitment to submitting assignments (do not submit blank assignments or copy-paste the same things in every answer because the assignments are actually checked) on time to receive a cashback

– You will get ample opportunities to raise doubts, ask questions, and contact support on non-receipt of cashback or any assignment related query.

I could not receive cashback on time for the first 3 assignments due to wrong UPI details. But things were sorted by the support and I have been getting all the money back till date on time. You can contact me and I will be more than glad to share my cashback screenshots with you.

Precise details will be provided upon joining the course.


5. How I have personally benefitted from this program?

You will get guidance from Deepak Sir, and his team, and the community also if you are stuck someplace.

Deepak Sir motivates everyone to read at least one book a month. This has helped me read on different topics and improve my writing skills.

We are divided into different what’s app group (this is a fascinating thing – the way we have been divided into different what’s app group) and my batch mates have been encouraging, motivating, and helping me every week.

I especially would like to mention that Shuaib Azam of batch 4 has been extremely patient and helpful to me and a lot many other batch mates to do assignments properly. Shuaib displays good leadership and mentoring skills apart from being always humble.

Heartfelt Gratitude to Deepak Sir for creating such a content-rich course that makes learning complex in the simplest manner. things Kamna Jain, Krishna for all their help and guidance throughout the course.

The week 7 assignment on lead generation actually landed a client in my digital kitty. I now have work to make a website, do lead generation and email marketing for a client. Receiving guidance from Digital Membership Club Mentor Krishna from approaching the client, discussing the pricing and execution of the entire project.

With clarity and vision to create an online presence for my family business, I plan to take it to newer heights digitally.

I have been able to stay positive, creative, and use my time constructively in this pandemic.

I can work at my own timings, give quality time to my kids and family, and develop my newly learned life skill – Digital Marketing.

6. What’s next in store for me or anyone after the Internship Program?

For me :

-I have a client – make a website, do lead generation and email marketing

-Make an impactful online presence for my family business.

-Explore and develop Affiliate Marketing opportunities

For anyone after the Internship Program :

  • Become a digital freelancer
  • Become a mentor
  • Start an agency


7. Digital Marketing Club Membership

I have become a Digital Marketing Club member. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in growing their Digital Marketing Skills; be it freelancing, affiliate marketing, or mentoring.

A mentor from Team Digital Deepak Is assigned to a group of 20-30 members. The mentor helps in developing an individual’s area of interest in Digital Marketing. Every week 3-4 sessions are conducted on various topics in Digital Marketing. These sessions help one elevate their Digital Marketing Skills and take up projects professionally.

The membership is for a year may be offered during or after or before the course of the Internship Program. Details will be provided once one joins the course or can be asked for by writing to

This is my honest review of my on-going experience with the Digital Deepak Paid Internship Program. My learning journey still has 6 weeks to go. According to me, this is by far the best-paid internship program I have ever come across. I had just joined this program to use my time constructively in 2020. I am enjoying my endeavor with the Digital Deepak Paid Internship Program.

So, go on and open the Digital Doors. Join Digital Deepak‘s Internship Program, I am leaving a link to join the free launch webinar of his next batch, Make sure you join that webinar to get all of your doubts clarified and know more about the internship program.

Apply for the Digital Deepak Internship Program Launch Webinar